The Platypus & Their Precious Rivers

The Platypus & Their Precious Rivers

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This Platypus is the second artwork in a series of 'Gold' Metal Leaf prints in the 'What's Precious To Them' Australian Animal Portrait Series.

This is a small series of high-end giclée prints. This is an open edition of  hand-signed and numbered A4 print editions (21.0 x 29.7cm)

Prints will have the 'Gold' Metal Leaf applied to them by Grange Wallis individually, thus making each print unique.

Printed on Carson Printmaking Rag, 310 gsm 100% Cotton paper.  Which is a bright white, matte paper with a lightly textured, linen-like finish.

About Giclée Prints (Fine Art Printing)

The process of giclée printing partners aqueous pigment inks with fine art papers to produce archival, museum-grade prints.

The reason that I’m now preferring giclée printing is that it conveys the best quality product that I can offer you. When it comes to producing fine art prints, it’s the materials and equipment that really make the difference and I’m only using the very best technology that I can lay my hands on for the Urban Zoo series.

Prints are created by the amazing team at Hound & Bound Printers - Brunswick, Victoria.


Prints are made to Order. Please allow 10 business days for prints to be sent. Prints are made to order. Prints are also unframed. Final print will not have any text, watermarks or branding in the final delivered artwork other than my handwritten signature and print number.

Gold Metal Leaf by X-Press It, is an imitation Gold Metal leaf and will be sealed with a protective lacquer to avoid any corrosion of the metal elements. Product Info: